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Who we are

We have turned our passion into our profession – and our vocation: we make nautical scale prototypes, particularly yachts and superyachts, designed to be timeless. We offer a complete service with assistance and complete discretion guaranteed.

We are expert model makers and have been working together for over 15 years. In our 1,900 square metre headquarters, we complete an average of 350 projects per year, spanning everything from designs to replicas, refits and repairs.

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Our models around the world

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Today, the company employs 25 professionals. A combination of manual skill and leading-edge technology are flanked and complemented by managerial abilities, providing all the tools required to ensure that each new project is a success on every level. We believe in a client-centred approach – we focus on our clients specific requirements and for that reason, complete every step of the process ourselves. We work hand-in-glove with our clients from design to execution, from transport to assistance and assembly in site at trade fairs and shows.

model maker group

Thanks to our commitment to ongoing research and evolving our technologies and processes, we have become one of the companies of excellence in Europe in our sector. We are extremely proud of that achievement and use it as our starting point each day as we embrace new challenges and go in new directions.